6” Fat Chub

The 6” Chub is a veteran to the BWB line up since its creation in 2012. It is made from hand picked cedar which is CNC cut to ensure the highest level of consistency. They are all assembled with a stainless steel through wire construction and comes with a 3/16” polycarbonate square shaped lip. This style lip design will give the lure an inconsistent action. The lure will pop back and forth from center 2” to 8” from center with a good vibration. This action will trigger aggressive bites from some of the biggest fish in any system. Get yours today so you can fast track to you personal best.

All 6” lures come with 5/0 or 6/0 treble hooks

Feet of line - Lure Depth at 4 mph

20’ gets 4’.  25’ gets 6’.  30’ gets 8’. 

40’ gets 9’.  50 gets 10.  60’ gets 11’